Upright Showcase SC145
  • Upright Showcase SC145
  • Upright Showcase SC145

Upright Showcase SC145

  • Product Item:SC145
  • Category:Upright Showcase
  • Views:2516
  • Min. Order : 10Pieces
  • Reference FOB Price : US $120~170/ Piece
  • Port : Shanghai, China
  • Payment Terms : L/C, T/T
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Model SC145
Capacity 145L
Unit size(W*D*H) 400*485*1711mm
Packing size(W*D*H) 465*550*1760mm
N.W./G.W. 49/51KGS
FCL(20ft/40ft) 50pcs/105pcs

Commercial Upright Showcase

  • LED lighting
  • Lighted door sign
  • Self closing door
  • Forced air refrigeration
  • 4 adjustable legs

    Self-Cleaning Condenser
    The accumulation of dust in the condenser can cause the failure or breakdown of refrigerators. Refrigerators run normally until they reach a certain level of accumulation. At some point, when they are over the limit, their performance drops quickly resulting in damage to, or disposal of the stored products in refrigerators. The Self-Cleaning Condenser device keeps the condenser clean and prevents system failure by automatically brushing daily.

    Digital temperature control & monitor system
    • Keep food products safe by maintaining constant temperatures.
    • Alarms that sound when doors are not sealed shut; protect against food spoilage that originate from cold air leaks.
    • Early Warning Alarm program detect issues before malfunction occurs.
    • Digital display allows for easy monitoring.
    • Programs interpret the condition of refrigeration systems by self-diagnosis.
    • Rapid cool-down function (Turbo freeze)
    • Smart defrost system will defrost as needed.
    • Automatic evaporator fan motor delays.

    Hydrocarbon refrigerants (R-600a)
    With innovative and eco-friendly technology, SNOWT brings you hydro-carbon refrigerators designedto meet DOE’s Energy Conservation Standards in 2017 and to use EPA’s SNAP Program approved HC refrigerants. Hydrocarbon refrigerants do not deplete the ozone layer and have very low contribution to the global warming (ODP-0, GWP-3).

    Energy conserving fan control
    Utilizing algorithmic air circulation for optimal temperature levels, our innovative fan control system conserves energy by at least 15% and increases compressor life by up to 30%.

    Individual two cycle refrigeration systems

    No electrical cabinet heater is needed
    SNOWT is the first in the industry to replace a frame heater with a method of using compressor-produced heat. This eliminates any unnecessary energy consumption while providing efficient freezing performance.

    Triple pane heated glass doors
    Equipped with unique triple-pane heated glass doors which enhance energy efficiency by preventing heat transfers and minimizing condensation. Lightweight door construction reduces door maintenance, bushing wear, and facilitates smooth door opening.

    High-density polyurethane insulation
    The entire cabinet structure is foamed-in-place using high density, HCFC free polyurethane insulation.

    LED interior lighting

    Refrigerators holds 0 ~ 10℃ for the best in beverage preservation

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