How to deal with the trip phenomenon of display fridge?

When users use the display fridge, sometimes they will find that the fridge is power trip. When the fridge is switch trip, how should we deal with it?
First, one socket is shared by several electrical equipment  including the display freezer:
If some high-power appliances share a socket, or if the rated power of these appliances exceeds the circuit limit when they are used at the same time, tripping will also occur. If this problem occurs, we can either increase the rated power of the power line, or separate these electrical equipment to reduce the load.

Second, electric leakage of the thermostat of the display freezer:
The primary performance of the thermostat leakage can be concluded as below:
Touch the body of the display cabinet,you will have slight sense of electric shock, while the compressor is running normally and the temperature inside of the cabinet stay cold as usual.
This is because the thermostat is installed in the inner wall of the fridge, the cold temperature will cause water condensation around the thermostat. And when the condensation water leak into the thermostat, the  resistance between the electrical contact  and the cabinet will decrease and  cause a electriferous cabinet .
In this case, we can prevent this problem by regularly defrosting and cleaning the water in the  display cabinet  to avoid the condensation water leaking into the thermostat. Besides, it is necessary to clean the thermostat and the accessories around it. Because if the dirt around the thermostat and its accessories absorb the condensation water, it will also occur the leakage of electricity. Therefore, the fridge need a regular maintenance and clean to extend its working life.

Third,electric leakage of the  moisture-proof wire of the display fridge:
The moisture-proof wire leakage is often occurred on the perennial display fridge. The performance usually shows that when the power is on, the open overload relay keeps on and off frequently,resulting in the compressor of the display cabinet not working, besides the cabinet is with the electricity and you can fell slight electric shock when you touch the cabinet. In this case,we can use some insulation sleeve to cover those moisture-proof wire. For the best is to replace the old aging wire with some new rubber insulation wire.
Anyway,if there is trip power problem during the usage of the display freezer, please turn to the factory after sale service or professional refrigeration maintainer to avoid any accident.
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