How to assess the quality of display cooler

How to discern the quality that refrigerates keep fresh to show ark, buy the show ark with poor quality easily carelessly. The quality of fresh-keeping display cooler affects the state of business. Low-quality freezers cannot keep food fresh well, and energy consumption is high. Poor quality of fresh display cabinet in the use of what are the adverse phenomena, such as noise, large power consumption, prone to frequent failures. How to discern keep fresh the quality stand or fall that reveals ark, avoid everybody to buy inferior to reveal ark in the process.

How to assess the quality of display cooler

One. main functions of the refrigerated and fresh-keeping display cooler:

1. Balanced preservation:

Built-in suction convection fan, 360 degree circulation air cooling, no frost fresh, fresh every corner. Pure air - cooled fresh, frozen no dead space.

2. Precise temperature control:

Double green fluorine-free design, double layer hollow glass door, sealed door frame, adjustable temperature 0 -- 10℃, the temperature can change as you like

3. Intelligent water removal:

Intelligent dehydrating device eliminates your worries and helps you to be considerate.

4. Transparent display:

Large box advertising, inside the top lighting box, access at night, also see clearly, beautiful effect complement each other.

Two. How to distinguish the quality of refrigerated display cooler:

1. In the purchase must be plugged into the merchant trial. If freezer is in refrigeration speed slow temperature is not uniform, the word that did not have refrigeration inside 1~2 hours, this kind of keep fresh shows ark proposal to do not buy.

2. Power consumption. The fresh-keeping display cooler with poor quality consumes more electricity than the normal display cabinet every day, which greatly increases the user's electricity cost.

3. Inferior fresh-keeping display cooler material is very thin, can not stand a few times of handling toss and turn will bear the scars, need to overhaul, and even some plate bending, which is caused by the use of cheap materials.

4. Inferior fresh display cooler generally do not care about after-sales, quality problems, the manufacturers do not care, there is no after-sales and quality assurance. So the proposal everybody is buying when keeping fresh to show ark must pay attention to quality, pay attention to after sale service at the same time, do not blindly go after cheap price, otherwise what suffer finally is oneself.

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